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Your Daily Development: Episode 18 Jason Swenk Part 1

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Fresh off the content press we have Jason Swenk, ad agency growth expert, on this episode of Your Daily Development. Tap here to listen now!

Jason has helped over 20,000 agency owners find their stride and grow their agencies. While Jason specializes in ad agency business growth, he has helped many top companies like Hitachi scale their business. 

What will we cover in this episode with Jason? Find out below: 

  • What are "Me too" agencies?
  • Why are marketing agencies constantly rebranding?
  • Can a marketing agency have more than one niche?
  • How is it that marketing agencies help clients to separate themselves and can't take their own advice?
  • The Agency Playbook™ created by Jason Swenk himself.
  • Do you see that marketing agency owners are reluctant to speak with other agency owners? Is it beneficial for them to partner with one another?
  • Do you think marketing agency new business has changed?
  • Is it important for marketing agencies to cold call anymore? Does it still work?
  • How important is social media for marketing agencies? Do you see marketing agencies utilizing this tool well?
  • Why marketing agencies must adapt or die.

All of this content in only 30 minutes! Where can you find this jam packed episode? Tap here to listen or join in wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe!

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