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When Disaster Strikes...

As Hurricane Florence reaches The Carolinas, staying safe is the number 1 thing on everyone’s mind. While we do not know the short or long-term effects of this hurricane, we can prepare. There is a chance of power loss, flooding, and severe damage. Hopefully, everyone looks to the safety of themselves and their families first. But what about the safety of your business.

No matter where your business is located or how safe you think your office will be, it is important to be ready for the worst. The first thing to do is make sure all employees are aware of how business should run if access to the office is not available. It is important to have a communication plan in case everyone has to work remotely. Today with smartphones being in our hands at all times it makes it easier to be in constant contact with our employees and clients. It is also important to make clients aware of the possible outcomes and let them know you will do your best to continue working. After disaster strikes, the next step is to recover. Have a recovery plan and make sure there is an easy way for all employees to get back to working on their normal schedule.

At VIP Marketing & Advertising, we have decided to close the physical office for the safety of our employees. Although we are not physically together, all employees are still working remotely and accessible through e-mail. We will work our hardest to function properly under these unfortunate and unplanned circumstances. All our clients still deserve Very Important Placement, even if Mother Nature sends us a challenge.

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