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VIP Marketing & Advertising Appreciates Our VIP Customers

We believe every business deserves the VIP—Very Important Placement—treatment. Today’s digital age has brought on an ...

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Influencing the Buyer's Decision Process

The ultimate goal is to reach the buyer during the decision-making process and make enough of an impact to influence their ...

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Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

You have heard it before, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You do not want to bet all your success on one project. If you ...

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Advertising Crash Course

A little while back, we had an interview with Jim Doyle of Jim Doyle & Associates to talk advertising.  A few topics covered in ...

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The Debate - Traditional vs. Digital

We have all heard of a stock that is so new we are afraid to invest in it. In fact, our fear of the new stock would make us ...

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Why it's better to own your audience than rent them

I believe we all know it is better to own than rent. The same should apply to your marketing & advertising. If there is any ...

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Which Media is Best?


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Are you planning the month in the month?

Marketing & Advertising Expert Eric Elliott, discusses planning your marketing campaign in advance and how this can effect your ...

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