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How important Reviews are to your law firm

How important are reviews for your law firm? Simply put, they’re crucial to your success as a firm....

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Authenticity in your Advertising

The world is quickly learning some valuable truths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social norms are changing, as well as industry ...

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Using the CARES ACT Stimulus Package for Your Business

As Chief Inspiration Officer I want to give a shout-out to all small business owners, their suppliers, their customers, and ...

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React, Don't Bolt. Brace Yourself for Pent-up Demand after COVID-19

Since coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, stay at home and shelter in place campaigns is the new norm - in a move to ...

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Best Video Conferencing Software: Zoom vs. GoTo Meeting

In these past few weeks, the Covid-19 virus has altered daily life and public spaces not just in Wuhan, China, where it all ...

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