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Keeping up with the Konnections

VIP Marketing and Advertising is an integrated marketing advertising agency based in Charleston, South Carolina. Do you ...

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Are You Buying Buzzwords?

The world of marketing and advertising is populated by a vocabulary all its own. Marketing has evolved from print to radio, ...

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Content Writing to Appeal to Your Audience

There is more content in existence than any one person could read in their entire lifetime. The written word is inherently ...

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Meet Shana Swain!

Shana shares with us what it's like to be a freelance writer and how she's achieved success in her writing career. Happy to ...

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Your Daily Development: Episode 18 Jason Swenk Part 1

Fresh off the content press we have Jason Swenk, ad agency growth expert, on this episode of Your Daily Development. Tap here ...

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Your Daily Development: Episodes 18 & 19 - About Jason Swenk

We believe the guest on our podcast this week needs no introduction. But if you haven't heard of Jason Swenk, read more on why ...

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Niche Marketing

We're here on our podcast with the one, the only, Jason Blumer! Jason owns the firm Blumer and Associates, which guides ad ...

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