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Responsiveness = Success in Business

Smartphones are constantly in our hands. We spend the majority of the day staring at a screen. We have alerts sent to our ...

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Are You Hiring Correctly?

One of the most challenging aspects of business ownership is staffing. Are you hiring correctly? Creating a team of dedicated ...

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How to utilize current events for social media success


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Marketing - Is there a Silver Bullet?

Are you looking for the silver bullet for business success? Watch this video to learn more. ...

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Marketing Prescription

  The same saying holds true for marketing as in medicine, "Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice."  What does this ...

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Advertising Crash Course

A little while back, we had an interview with Jim Doyle of Jim Doyle & Associates to talk advertising.  A few topics covered in ...

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How is dieting like marketing?

How is marketing and advertising just like going on a diet?  Find out in the next marketing minute. ...

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How to create a successful marketing plan

  Are you making plans for your advertising and you feel like it's still not working? Do you want to know how a proper ...

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