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The Three T’s Your Marketing Is Missing

the three t's your marketing is missingthe three t's your marketing is missingthe three t's your marketing is missing


It is incredibly difficult to run a business and handle its marketing campaigns. They take time, resources and attention. Marketing and advertising are not to be set and renewed once a year. Careful analysis of current and past performance are integral to an effective strategy. Analysis takes time. The constant monitoring of a media campaign requires time most business owners don’t have. It is a recipe for wasted resources and ineffective placement. If you don’t have time, you need help.


Your team operates like a well-oiled machine. Your business is run by the right people in the right seats. They expertly handle all aspects of your field and your business is effective for it. One of the three T’s your marketing is missing is the team. Don’t throw a baseball team into the Super Bowl and expect positive results. You have the team for your field, but without representation, your message will be pummeled by businesses who have the right team representing them in the marketing field. If you don’t have a team, you need help.


A team without talent is useless. When a sink breaks in a house, homeowners bring in a plumber. They resort to a professional to address the problem and find a solution. They wouldn’t go to the hardware store and find someone familiar with pipes to fix it. The same should be said about marketing. You can’t hire any eighteen year old with an Instagram to “manage” your social media. You need talented professionals if you expect real results. Professional management takes a business where it needs to be in order to grow and thrive. If your representation doesn’t have talent, you need help.

You deserve all three T’s. You deserve Very Important Placement.


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