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The Grind

What fuels you?

Is it your passion? The end goal? The pride? Maybe even money?

I like to believe it’s the grind.

The grind is a mixture of all those things and more. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and pushes you to complete a task, big or small.

Often, the grind is used to describe work or even a workout.

When it comes to working, I like to see the grind as a step-by-step platform.


A fresh start. The goal may not even be set yet, but the possibilities are excitingly endless, arguably making Monday the most creative day of the week. Monday is a brand new chapter for you to tackle, like New Year’s Day every week. It’s the day where you picture that grind and what it looks like.


The architect. Tuesday is the day where you take the grind and put it on paper, call the contacts, figure out how to bring Monday’s plan to fruition. You got through the first day of the week, the ball is rolling towards your goal. If Tuesday still sounds stale to you, Tuesday is always Taco Tuesday, and who can be mad about discounted tacos after a full day of creative planning?


HUMPDAY. The middle child of days, no one forgets about Wednesdays. Now that you’re halfway done with the work week and can see the weekend, it’s time to really get down to the grind. The goal that you set just two days ago - it’s time to develop that. You’re literally putting pen to paper (or mouse to Photoshop). How are your next two days going to pan out? What needs to happen?


The grind continues. You’re pushing through the week, you’re one step closer to your goal and the end of the chapter. This day can be seen as the microscope day. What are the fine details of the project(s) you’re working on? If today was the deadline, what would you not be 100% satisfied with?


Friday Funday. Maybe your deadline is today. It’s time to put the cherry on top and take a step back. Take a deep breath. You did it! You got down to the grind and made a simple idea into a physical reality. You and your work family can sit back and feel excited about your accomplishment(s).

While the week is done, take a moment for reflection. What would you have changed? What worked? What didn’t? The best part of Friday (besides the weekend) is the future. You’re wrapping up a chapter. The next page is completely blank. Fresh and new. What are you going to put on it?

This outline is just a metaphorical concept. Things don’t always pan out exactly as planned, but the goal is always accomplished.

Maybe it’s human nature. Maybe it’s your morals and beliefs, or maybe a Nature versus Nurture concept.

Whatever it is, it’s the grind and you’re making life happen.

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