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Targeted Marketing: Shoot With A Shotgun Or A Rifle?


targeted marketing

A rife and a shotgun lie next to one another on a table. A fencepost with a can on it sits across a field of trees. Hit the can on the post at the other side of the field. Which gun will you choose?

Rifle: You’re going to hit the can. Depending on your aim and skill level, it may take you a couple shots but you’re going to get a hard, targeted hit on that can and any other cans that may interest you. The trees won’t be impacted unless you shift your aim to include the trees.

Shotgun: You’re going to hit the post, the can, the trees and everything in between. There’s a chance that you’re going to hit everything besides the can but the entire field will feel the effect of your shot.

These are your targeted marketing processes. Where your company is concerned, do you aim to hit the whole field or just the can? The correct answer is just the can. Well managed marketing campaigns can hit any target they’re directed at with perfect accuracy. The trees are the people uninterested in your services. It’s a waste of time to hit them and can reflect poorly on your company if your marketing bombards everyone in their path. Every piece of your strategy should drive traffic to your website and drive the potential buyer closer to the descision to use you and your services.

Shoot for efficiency. Market towards prospective clients who are interested and well vetted for your services. Know where they are and go there. Know who they are and set your sights on them. Know what they pay attention to and command that field. Pick up the rifle and leave the shotgun at home.


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