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Take Advantage of Social Media's Features

Reading newspapers about news that occurred last week or even yesterday is not current enough information. Today, instant news is accessible and demanded. Many news outlets and organizations have turned to Twitter and Facebook to keep their followers updated in real time. Rather than posting a picture of an event to give everyone a visual idea for how it was, you can go live on your social platforms. Live streaming allows you to instantly share your experience with your audience.

The main perk of live streaming is having a live connection with your followers. It allows them to feel as if they are there with you in the moment. Going live makes your account also appear more active and engaging. When you begin a live stream all of your followers will receive a notification. This content is completely fresh and new to your audience. It is a real look inside your company and day-to-day operations. By going live frequently it will drive more viewers to your social pages and encourage them to follow you. There is a beauty to this raw footage. It does not go through the stages of production. It is uncut and authentic content.

The best part about going live…if someone missed your stream you can save it as a video to allow viewers to watch it on their own time. These videos increase brand awareness and let your audience get to know your company’s personality and values. It is a peek behind the curtain for a few minutes. Since live streaming is fairly new, it is not something many companies have adopted yet. This gives you the chance to get a head start and go live today!


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