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Sony unveils an electric-like car, the Vision-S

Sony, the innovative technology that has brought us some of the highest quality cameras and gaming platforms, has surprised us all with a 'gaming system' unlike any other: the Vision-S, electric concept sedan.

The Vision-S is meant to showcase Japanese technology in all its glory, entertainment value, technology and more.

So what does the Sony Vision-S have that makes it a car with 2020 vision?

Just that. A 2020 vision of mass production and technology.

- 33 different sensors (inside and outside of the car) that are similar to self-driving technologies
- Multiple widescreen displays (dashboard and for all passengers, back and front)
- 360 audio
- Always-on connectivity (derived from Blackberry and Bosch)
- "Newly-designed EV (electric vehicle) platform"
- Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR, a remote sensing method that uses light from a pulsed laser to measure distances.
- Time-of-Flight cameras that will sense and recognize people and objects inside the car.


Is this the car of the future or another Tesla Cybertruck?

One thing is for sure, Sony has captured gaming and photography audiences in ways that no other car company could ever.

Does it have your attention?

Read Sony's Press Release HERE.


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