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Preparation for the New Year

With the holidays around the corner, you often feel the pressure to finish all tasks before the new year.

First things first, look back at all the goals you wanted to achieve in this year. Have you achieved them? Are you where you want to be now? Take inventory of everything you have accomplished this year. If you did not achieve everything, that is okay. Set up a plan to make sure you will reach these goals in the new year. It is a time to start fresh with a newly inspired motivation.

Next, look at what you want to accomplish in the new year and time stamp everything. Make a timeline for when you want to achieve each new task in the new year. If you have set times in place for when you want things done, it will force you to work harder towards these goals. If you commit to something your team will be more dedicated to reaching these new goals. The new year is a great time to revamp or push out new content as well. Use the end of the year as a brainstorm session to think of more ways to promote your company.

People may tend to check out around the holidays. This is a great time to clean up loose ends. Clean out your office space. Get rid of unused items. Clean out your email and desktop. Get done all the trivial tasks so you can have an aggressive start in the new year. After everything on the business side has been put into place and sorted through, take a minute to appreciate your employees. The holidays are for giving and gratitude.


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