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No Longer an Option, A Necessity: Social Media in Business

Our lives revolve around social media. Why do we immediately know when the biggest names in music drop an album? Social Media. Facebook now delivers news more efficiently than some news sites. Twitter blows up with opinions when any significant news is announced. We turn to social media for everything now. It gives us access to news, inspiration, shopping, and gossip all housed within a few apps.

Thanks to our addiction to constantly feel the need to be updated and in the loop, we have created another platform for advertising. Social media advertising allows companies to reach consumers directly in a more personal way. You do not want to be behind the curve when it comes having a social media presence. Clients and customers turn to social media to learn about the company and the brand. While you can choose a geographic location for a billboard or a specific channel to run a traditional advertisement on, Facebook advertising allows you to specifically target a fine-tuned audience.

Social media also appears more friendly than normal forms of advertising. It is a lot easier to actively ignore a traditional or digital ad. Picking up your phone during a commercial or clicking Skip Ad to go forward and view a video are just a view examples. Social media advertising seamlessly flows through your newsfeed or timeline and appears as a regular post. It normally takes a few seconds to realize a post is sponsored. This aids to the fact that social ads generally have a high view rate. It is also cheaper to reach a broad selection of people at once when advertising on social. If you do not have a presence on social media, your company appears to be inactive and not current.

VIP Marketing & Advertising takes advantage of social media internally but also pushes for all of our clients to maintain a social presence. We are capable of advertising, publishing, monitoring and executing campaigns on social media.


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