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Marketing and Advertising at the Right Price

Marketing and advertising at the right priceThe capabilities available in the world of marketing and advertising are limitless. Targeted marketing delivers messages across all mediums to all demographics. Agencies bring exponential value to their clients through a diversified skill set and in-house production. Clients and agencies alike focus on productive and effective work. One question burns hot in the minds of all involved is what is the price?

Viewing marketing and advertising as an expense rather than an investment will destroy a productive decision-making process. The business cannot exist without these efforts. The appropriate investment in marketing and advertising should be based on financial yield and case by case requirements.

When an agency does not have a cost sheet, don’t be alarmed. This is good news. It means they don’t set a numerical price associated with every service. Rather, they craft a specific and tailored strategy per client. You'll want to be marketing and advertising at the right price. A good agency will provide what you need not just sell you everything under the guise of a package deal. The fluctuating price points ensure value and results.

Agencies charge based on the diversification of their talent. The day rates of a cinematographer, strategist, graphic designer or writer would be astronomical when combined. Each piece is important to solving the marketing and advertising issues. Agencies retain all the talent on hand with one fixed price. This allows for effective creation and management that yields results. Growth is mutual and expected. When your advertiser substantially grows the business, their compensation should reflect that growth.

Advertising and marketing are like a beach ball with a small hole in it. You have to constantly be pumping. The team you hire must understand that for every bit of air slipping out, they have to put twice as much in. Resources must be allocated expertly. That’s how you grow. That’s how you stay inflated. That's why you deserve Very Important Placement.


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