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Influencing the Buyer's Decision Process

The ultimate goal is to reach the buyer during the decision-making process and make enough of an impact to influence their decision. The process begins with the identification of a need. The buyer is now are they have a problem and want to solve it. Next, the consumer is going to search for information. This is where you want to make sure your brand is visible and able to fulfill their need. Once they review their options they are going to make a purchase decision.

Today consumers, especially the younger generations, are turning to social media during the buying process. You want your brand to stay top of mind so the buyer considers you as a way to solve their need.

“One study shows that 70% of millennials base their decision to buy a product based on recommendations made by their peers on social media”- Buffer

If consumers see that someone they know and trust has already had a good experience with your brand, they will be more inclined to purchase from your company. Engage with your audience and encourage customers to leave reviews and comments. You want to influence your buyer at every stage. Run ads so your audience will be able to recognize or recall your brand when they enter the need recognition stage. Providing value to a potential buyer is key. Blogs, information, and useful content will allow the potential buyer to get to know more about your brand and build trust with your company. You want to bring them more value than your competitor. Add Call-to-Action buttons on your Facebook and Website to encourage the purchase to be completed. You want to reach the buyer before they search for you. There are a lot of factors that will influence a buyer so it is important to try to sway them as much as possible.


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