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"I don't need social media."

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You hear it a lot. 

People believe social media is either a fun pastime or a waste of time.

Not to be rude, but those people are both wrong.

Social media is the smartest way to advertise without actually advertising. It is slowly creeping up on the dying mediums of television, radio, and print.

While all those mediums are fading out due to their antiquated ways, social media is the one thing that will be static and dynamic at the same time. 

Social platforms will always change; the content and popularity will always change; how people consume it will always change

Social media itself, the concept will not. 

Social media follows the digital trend while following what people want. 

Talk about a consumer-driven product. 

Television stays inside the box.

Radio will play new music or talk new topics but will continue staying in the same forum.

Print, while not quite dead, is switching to social media and website platforms DAILY. 

While social is easy and accessible, it should showcase your best. It’s not quality over quantity or vice versa, it’s the perfect combo of both. 

Advertising via social media is immensely successful.

You need to make sure an expert is handling your dollars and placing killer ads in the right spots, at the right time. Not just floating in the around in social media soup.

Much like food is the way to the heart, organic content is the key to people’s hearts and wallets.

It is more than just plastering a picture on your Facebook page and calling it a day.

You want to captivate your audience with your content while keeping your brand on their minds constantly, especially when they are in need of your services.

There’s a perfect recipe for it all.

A dash of emotion.

A pinch of information.

A hint of words.

A garnish of placement.

Don’t trust a salesman to cook your perfect dish; it will be a waste of time, resources and energy. 

If you’re craving an intense brand and a strong business platform, serve it up on social media. 

But only trust a chef.

Lucky for you, VIP is full of chefs. 

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