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How Do I Reach People Cheap?

how do i reach people cheapThe message is set, the creative is ready. It’s time to place. We want to reach people. We want to do it cheap. What’s the move?

This is a very common mentality for clients regarding their marketing and advertising efforts. The more people seeing the message, the better is the typical mindset. This is not always correct. You don’t need masses; you need interest. It’s better for three people in your market, fitting your profiles to see your message than three hundred random viewers.

Targeted marketing is king and the analytics speak for themselves when presenting results. Spending money to target the correct audience is an investment, purchasing views on a large scale is gambling. Targeting is not the most expensive form of advertising but will yield the most lucrative results for your company.

Reaching fast and reaching cheap is a gamble because while the front end investment is not much, the rewards you reap may be little to none. Placement is about an audience. You’re only as effective as you are knowledgeable. A thousand eyes might not even result in one click, but six eyes getting four clicks makes the investment worthwhile. This is not to say that effective, targeted marketing can’t be inexpensive. It absolutely can. There are avenues where it works on a minimal spend, the important thing is targeting. You deserve results created by targeted efforts, not wide-reaching gambles. You deserve Very Important Placement.


One fantastic way to target is by using Facebook. This is the perfect example of an appropriate investment that yields targeted results. Try it out below!

Learn how to facebook to grow leads for your business

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