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How Best To Present Creative Work

how best to present creative workWe often hear that it is not what you say, but it is how you say it. This thinking easily crosses over many industries and in our world of marketing and advertising, the “how you say it” translates to how we present our creative concepts and ideas to our clients. You may have the most innovative and prolific creative in the world but if you cannot accurately portray this idea to your client, it may never get off the ground because they can’t “see” what you “see.”

We not only have to create these amazing concepts but speak about and explain them in a way that allows the client to allow us to bring these concepts to life. This is easier said than done as this kind of communication does take practice and can really vary in delivery depending on the client. The one thing that does remain constant and is best practice is the need for planning ahead. Set aside time to outline what you will say about your creative and how you will say it, even practice ahead of time. Plan for any questions your client may have about the concept. If you prepare and plan how you will present your concept to your client, you will display certainty and show confidence in your concept. When you talk with your client, fully explain what went into the creative process and why you made the specific decisions you did within. Your clients place their trust in you when they allow you to create for them. Take that seriously and present in a way that they will understand your vision. If you are not excited, sure, passionate, or certain about your creative, why would they be? Take the time to sit down and talk with your clients about your concepts. This not only further’s your partnership with your clients by building trust, but also a sense of understanding for one another, both you of them and them of you.

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