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"Great Scott!" Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Creating content that people care about. That's it.

Make it water-cooler-talk worthy.

That's what O'Reilly's Auto Parts is doing.

You may have seen this photo floating around social media.


Well, we tested it out.

For those that don't know, the Flux Capacitor is from Back to The Future. Doc claims the capacitor "makes time travel possible" and is what fuels the DeLorean in the 1985 blockbuster hit.

The numbers of just how much traffic O'Reilly has accumulated is still unknown. What we can tell you, the numbers are definitely in a futuristic range.

Why else would you go to an auto parts website unless you needed, well, auto parts?

Content. Content. Content.

There's your website with your business concept, then there's your website with content that explains and defines your brand.

Content can be blogs that expand on your brand's topic, pictures or how-to videos.

You could have the best content in the world, but you gotta know where to place it. That's why you need Very Important Placement.




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