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Good Marketing Is Like A Good Cup Of Coffee

While you’re sitting at your desk contemplating pouring yet another cup of coffee - likely your third, and it’s not even noon - you should be contemplating why your website isn’t getting more viewers. While coffee might settle your mid-morning caffeine withdrawal, your website traffic differential can be solved with a proper marketing campaign. Coffee comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes - from a small cafe au lait to a venti triple shot espresso - and it is always as unique as its drinker. Marketing is just like that, if it’s done right.

good marketing is like a good cup of coffee

Coffee can come from anywhere: Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, or right in your hometown. Likewise, your marketing collateral can come from anywhere, too. You may not be particular about where your coffee was grown, roasted, and ground - you may not - but you should always be particular about where your marketing strategy is developed, settled, and produced.

Just as coffee needs to suit the taste of the drinker, marketing needs to suit the needs of the brand. There’s no sense in investing in collateral that doesn’t reach your target market, your brand vision, or your budget. I mean, you wouldn’t spend $5.50 on a vanilla chai tea latte when you prefer a simple, robust, black cup of joe, right?

Good marketing is tailored to your goals, like adding in a shot of espresso to make sure you can make it through your last meeting of the day. Good marketing has a personalized touch that makes it perfect for you and your brand. It is latte art handcrafted right before your eyes. Good marketing is just as robust, smooth, and strong as you are.

No one likes a bad cup of coffee, just as no one likes to see their marketing efforts fail because someone got their order wrong. You deserve marketing that is brewed fresh, just for you. You deserve Very Important Placement.

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