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Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

You have heard it before, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You do not want to bet all your success on one project. If you want to maximize your return, place your advertisements on different mediums. This will also allow you to get you to get your message out more efficiently. Not every single person is tuning in to the 6AM news, but more than likely a lot of people are opening up their Facebook app. You want to go where the people are, and it is not just one channel of communication. Putting up a singular billboard will do you almost no good. You need to create a strong message so your billboard reinforces your company and brand.

Your marketing strategy should open up new possibilities for you company. You will need different forms of creative and content in order to stay consistent and top of mind. You will also need to be creative with where you place your advertising. If you run your ads at the exact same time and place for too long people will start to tune them out. You want to stay engaged and fresh. There are so many different ways to place digital, social, radio, and television advertisements. But think out of the box as well. Think of unconventional places to advertise.

Cross pollinating your channels is a great way to promote yourself. Encourage people to follow your social platforms from your website or send them to a Youtube video from social platforms. Encourage the audience to call or visit your website on the television. Do not get comfortable with one way of advertising. Today, you must stay on your toes and be willing to get a little uncomfortable in order to grab attention and make sales.


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