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Craft Creative Contracted for ABC Pilot

craft creative contracted for abc pilotcraft creative contracted for abc pilotVIP Marketing & Advertising's sister company, Craft Creative is Charleston’s leader in premier video content and design. They have recently teamed up with ABC, working on the pilot episode of a new crime drama entitled “Salvage”. The pilot, shooting for two weeks in and around the city, contracted equipment and manpower from Craft Creative during the entirety of their Charleston production schedule.

Representatives for Craft Creative said, “The Southeastern United States is becoming a fast growing production location. Charleston has much to offer as far as locations and financial incentives, expanding the world of narrative filmmaking out of strictly Los Angeles and New York. We are pleased to help make this transition smooth and to continue to foster Charleston’s availability and professionalism as a local leader in film and television production.”  

Craft Creative is a top tier production company specializing in premium video production, graphic design, website design and animation.  They have years of experience in crafting engaging creative designed to move the needle and achieve the goals of their client partners.

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