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Conversation vs Consultation

When meeting with prospective clients it is essential for any consultant to be reserved in their responses. I have been in meetings with potential clients where they seek advice but don't want to pay for it. I call this turning my conversation into a consultation. Anytime a consultant provides a prescription to a problem or issue they should pay you for it. 

Many say it is hard to separate the two or it is hard to gain new client if you don't provide them with some insight or answers to their questions. I say if you know the value you have you should not give it away for free?

About the author: Eric Elliott brings nearly two decades of marketing and advertising experience to law firms. Applying KPI (key performance indicator) metrics from other industries such as automotive advertising to hold media vendors accountable and gain insights into the attribution of advertising expenditures for law firms lowering their cost per case, market presence, creative and advertising expenditures. In addition, providing national quality creative and content for regional law firms that have increased leads while minimizing cost.

Target Your Audience Through Facebook

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