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Be Your Employees' #1 Motivator

“Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful – it doesn’t matter who scores the goals as long as we’re winning.”- Cristiano Ronaldo


Every business’ main focus is on the customer or the client. We always hear “The customer is always right” or “Anything to make the client happy.” But, this is ignoring the most important group of people: your employees.

Companies that communicate effectively with their workers financially out perform those companies that do not emphasize transparent internal communication. It is very easy to overlook and forget employee relations. When employees know where they stand in the eyes of management, they are more comfortable and confident performing the duties of their job. This will, in turn, turn your employees into more loyal workers because they understand how they contribute to the big picture. If the management is easy to reach, friendly, and dedicated to making employees feel important, they have a recipe for success. Having a sense of humor doesn’t hurt as well. Giving praise where praise is due, helps strengthen employee management relations significantly. Everyone wants recognition for their work, so rewarding your employees will only give them the motivation to work harder. Working out of fear and intimidation will lead to unhappy employees and in turn, hurt the bottom line. They will not be proud of their work and have no respect for the management. Having the ability to be candid and real creates a stronger network within your company.

At VIP Advertising & Marketing, every employee knows their worth and contributes to every client. It is important that everyone knows their opinion counts and is welcomed, even if it differs from everyone else. While being able to work together is important, we consider each other real friends. Being able to laugh together only makes it easier to get the job done successfully.

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