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Are You Utilizing Your Social Media Stories Correctly?

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. It is not to be taken lightly as it can change the course of your marketing ...

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Craft Creative Contracted for ABC Pilot

VIP Marketing & Advertising's sister company, Craft Creative is Charleston’s leader in premier video content and design. They ...

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Craft Creative Names New Head of Production

  Paul Schmidt to serve as Head of Production for Craft Creative...

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What Are the Best Online Analytics for Business?

Positive business growth depends on attainable goals that are reached on appropriate timelines. Growth can be a dream or a ...

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Content Writing to Appeal to Your Audience

There is more content in existence than any one person could read in their entire lifetime. The written word is inherently ...

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Are There Effective Billboards? 

Outdoor advertising holds its place throughout history. The first record of what are now billboards were inscriptions on the ...

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Four Ways Law Firms Can Market To Potential Clients

Law practice is a challenging industry to advertise. It is something most will end up needing at some point, yet something the ...

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Three Ways Auto Dealerships Aren’t Engaging Their Community

Auto dealerships thrive on the people that surround them. Many have far reaches, entire regions of the country that come ...

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Targeted Marketing: Shoot With A Shotgun Or A Rifle?

  A rife and a shotgun lie next to one another on a table. A fencepost with a can on it sits across a field of trees. Hit the ...

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Three Ways To Empower Your Team


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