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Are You Hiring Correctly?

Are you hiring correctly?One of the most challenging aspects of business ownership is staffing. Are you hiring correctly? Creating a team of dedicated professionals is a feat not easily accomplished. The choices made in the interview room directly correlate to the success of the business. The old adage of the chain only being as strong as its weakest link is very accurate. Hiring practices are difficult to manage but if implemented well will skyrocket the business and the day to day life of everyone involved.

Coworkers share a bond unlike many others. Often spending at least forty hours a week together, the average American sees their coworkers more than they see their family. If you’re not surrounding yourself with people second best to your family, you’re doing it wrong. Unavoidably, in a company, there will be the people who exist as productive members 9-5. Past that, they’re unreachable, fiercely private and uninterested in extracurricular, culture promoting events. These people are not bad employees but when hiring, think carefully about your culture. You want people who have a love for their work that remains in their blood even after they clock out.

Hire for your weaknesses. Hire for the weaknesses of your team. Staffing an office full of people who are all remarkable at the same thing can inspire unneeded conflict. Allowing each employee to be a leader in their field and hiring based on what the others are lacking creates a powerhouse within the building. This takes time to recognize the weaknesses and the honesty with yourself and your business to address what can be done better. It’s easy to take on extra work even if you’re not good at it just to try and benefit the business. At the end of the day, the best way to benefit the business is to staff it correctly. Staff it with passionate individuals who are experts in their own field an make up all the shortcomings you can find within yourself. You deserve the help. You deserve Very Important Placement.


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